Sunday, February 8, 2015

GlamGlow Youth Mud Review

I've been seeing youth mud all over the internet and caved... i needed to try it!

Stopped by my local Sephora and picked up the Glamglow Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment. When I went home I immediately washed my face and read the directions for the mask. It says that the mask is going to tingle and let me tell you... IT FUCKING BURNED. for like.... 3 minutes. but shoot, I had to leave this on for 10 minutes so that's about 30% of the time I had it on!


Fast forward to washing it off... I was so impressed! my pores were significantly tinier and I think it even shrank some of my hormonal pimples. Fair warning, this treatment felt real intense. Bare with it because the end result is fantastic! just be sure to wear enough moisturizer because this can definitely be drying. The mask says to use 1-2 times weekly and I'm actually already excited to use it again just to see what my pores look like.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Think Warm Thoughts.

It's another snow storm in Boston but with 1 foot instead of 3-4 feet like last week so I've been trying to reintroduce summer skin beauty and skin care back into my life on these snow days so I can pretend like I'm not here.

Last week I used the new CiatE Ice Cream collection, I must say the pigmentation and drying time for their nail polish has improved over the past 2 years! It's still going to need more than one coat but the color pay off is very beautiful and took about a full week to even start chipping away.

I purchased the mini collection at Sephora, here is the link

Also, I followed up with my beloved Sally Hansen Insta-Dry top coat to ensure a glossy long lasting mani.

Sea Salt Hair Spray Battle

 As some of you may know I am a straight up weekend warrior so I work weekends at Lush Cosmetics! Last year (or maybe a year and half?) they came out with Sea Spray Hair Spray which is their version of a cruelty free, fresh, and cruelty free hair spray! It's suppose to gie you beachy waves if you scrunch it OR it can tame your baby hairs like it does mine :)! I do feel like this does a good just of leaving hair workable but this does not have a super strong hold unless you use a lot... Here is the link to the US site, you can sometimes get a better price form the UK site but it really depends on when you want your product by.,en_US,pd.html#start=2

SURF SPRAY- Bumble and Bumble
If you're looking for something with a great hold, I suggest bumble and Bumble Surf Spray. BEWARE, this may dry your hair out, not sure what ingredient it was wrecking havoc on my strands but it was kinda gross
after I used it for the full day. Be sure to use a deep conditioner after you've use this spray to keep your hair in tip top condition! I think this going to be great for oily hair btw.... i don't have oily hair but it would def be interesting to see how people that do have oilier scalps and hair feel about this product. I purchased mine from sephora, here is the link:

Hope where every you are, you're enjoying the sun or pretending like summer is around the corner just like me! :)


Monday, January 26, 2015

Charcoal Nose Pore Strips.

So I really want to share the amazingness that is a black nose pore strip. Not hating on the regular white ones, but there's something about the black ones that have charcoal in them that i am seriously LOVING.

Charcoal is wonderful for removing excess oil and detoxifying your skim. I've also noticed that it does help even out skin tone as well but maybe that's just me.

Here are the ones that I've tried and ranked based on experience with the products:

Softymo Nose Clean Pack
This strip is almost a rectangular shape instead of the curvy nose shape which is kind of cool because you can use it on your chin to get rid of any gunk there. This one I left on for about 20 minutes and when I went to take it off, the results were similar to using the regular Biore white nose pore strips.
I did notice that this one took longest to dry. It was very gentle so it would be best for those with sensitive skin.

You can get it online on Ebay or Amazon.

Biore Charcoal Nose Strip JAPAN (Sorry my photo is backwards)
I got the limited edition packaging so the actual one looks a little different, it's just an illustration of a lady with the pack on her nose. I DIGRESS Y'ALL.

This one was pretty effective but I did notice that it was kind of drying, my nose was a little sensitive after using it but it removed the fattest, juciest, white heats and black heads! It wasn't as effective at removing the smaller gunk pieces though.

Tosowoong Charcoal Nose Strips
 This pore strip does not discriminate! It gets the tiny and huge nose gunkies out of the pores and your nose and is so effective. I tried these back in August and have not been able to find anything else as effective!

I find that the longer I leave this on for, the MORE gross stuff gets pulled out. The longest I've ever left it on for was about 1 hour and a half (I was watching a movie... so yea. didn't feel like taking off my pore strip.)

Everytime I use this, I am thoroughly impressed with the strength. There is currently a 32 pack deal on Ebay and it's only $14!!! WORTH INVESTING IN 32 PACK I SWEAR. It's amazing. I will invest as soon as I start running low on my pore strips.

Hope this was mildly exciting or maybe even helpful for those that are interested in trying charcoal nose pore strips.

MAKE GREAT CHOICES <3 nbsp="" p="">xoxo,

Monday, January 19, 2015

New Year New Posts?

I haven't blogged in a year. IM THE WORST!

for 2015, I am going to try to post at least maybe every 2 weeks. If not a product review then just a catch up on life in general.

I have been trying a bunch of new products and would LOVE to share my experiences and comments.

I've also been thinking about vlogging but i guess baby steps.

Until the next blog... BYE,

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturizer Review

I've always been a fan of life hacks and short cuts and until this product came out, I've actually been quite lazy about moisturizing everyday despite my dry skin problems. I don't like waiting for lotion to dry before I can put on clothes and I hate the residue feeling that some lotions leave behind.

The Vaseline Spray and Go lotion is definitely a product that a lazy lotioner like myself can use daily. It comes in three scents currently: Aloe Fresh, Oat, and Cocoa Butter. The cocoa butter is a warm and sugary scent, it kind of smells like Oreos to me; it also claims to use pure cocoa butter. The oat smells very neutral, it has a light herbal scent and claims to be made with pure oat extract. I purchased the aloe fresh scent because it actually smelled a bit sweet but also had a fresh cut grass kind of smell so it definitely is a refreshing scent.

The package design of the product features a 360 degree spray; meaning that if you spray upside down product will spray continuously unlike an ordinary squirt bottle that stops when there is an air bubble or if the product is not in the straw. You do not need to shake the bottle either because it comes with compressed air so you can be lazy about shaking the product before use too!

The lotion its self is the consistency of watered down lotion but don't be fooled! It is actually very moisturizing and not in the way that makes you feel greasy, it actually dries quite fast and leaves me feeling refreshed. The spray ranges in thickness depending on how far away you are spraying the product on your skin. For me, I use it as far away from my body as possibly because spraying it closer made the product condensed and thicker so I could not simply rub a few times for it to soak into my skin. If you don't mind the extra few minutes for the drying go ahead and spray closer, everyone's skin is different and sometimes your skin will need extra love and moisture so a close up spray can actually be more beneficial.

I LOVE how the mist cools down my skin too because it will be perfect for summer time ! If you wake up too hot or just get out of a hot shower and suddenly need to cool down, this product feels amazing. I am giving this a 4.5 out of 5 rating because I love that the product does EXACTLY what it's supposed to but I do not like that the spray can get messy if you are near walls or furniture.

Love on it.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sally Hansen Salon Effect vs. Kiss Nail Fashion Strip

As a busy lady trying to juggle multiple jobs, a love life, and crazy demanding family, I am left with few hours to myself a day. I think it is necessary to do things that make us feel good about ourseves and fresh. Nothing makes me feel fresher than a fresh coat of nail polish! "But what about that dry time!?" Fear not, for there is a new trend in instant, stick-on nail polish art! I have tried the Sally Hansen Salon Effect and also the Kiss Fashion Strips. Both companies have packaged their products in clear boxes with the tools that you will need to successfully apply the stick-on nail polishes. The first product I tried was the Sally Hansen Salon Effect. The package came with the stickers, a nail file, and a cuticle pusher stick. This product was hard to figure out at first and also a bit difficult to maneuver because the sticker pieces felt so fragile but don't let that fool you. These polish stickers are surprisingly stretchy and adhere to nails with your own body heat. You peel them off of a clear plastic sheet, then peel them off of the paper that helps it keep its shape (kind of like a temporary tattoo). You then pick a nail close to that size and just press on and smooth out any imperfections or air bubbles. They say to file the rest of the sticker off but I find it is much easier to just melt and rip off the excess and file the imperfections off. Also, this product actually smells like fresh polish which is something that I was not expecting but it is not a strong scent. These usually come in a pack that is good for 1 to 2 uses depending on your nail sizes. The cost is about the same price for a decent nail polish, around $7-$9 (but I found them for cheap at Christmas Tree Shop $2.99!). I rate this 4.5 out of 5. The final .5 I am taking off because it was difficult to figure out how to use when I took it out of the package but the quality of the finished product was a gorgeous shiny new coat. The second product I tried was the Kiss Fashion Strips. These come in a pack that has enough for 2 uses and a nail file. The application of this one was much easier.... or so I thought. It was a lot less fragile feeling and also peeled off like an actual sticker. I applied it to my nail the same way I applied the Sally Hansen Salon Effect and the Kiss Fashion Strip is not heat activated or effected. I had to file off the excess which left me with an ugly paper tip. "What do you mean 'ugly white tip?" I mean that this thing looked like I straight up ripped the design off a piece of paper and you could see the paper inside bits hanging off. To be frank, my nails looked jacked up. The first nail was really bad so I tried another one and this time used a nail clipper to cut off the excess which looked a little better but you could still see that the product was printed on a piece of paper. It even wrinkles like a piece of paper! The out come was not completely horrible....until I got in the shower. The tips started getting wet and left a white fray of sticker paper on the edge of EVERY nail. I ripped them off after my shower and decided that I was disappointed in my purchase. I am going to rate this one a 2 out of 5 because it was easy to apply but the edges were just too frayed and I hated looking at them and they fall apart in the shower. I do think that this is a great alternative for younger girls so that they are not smelling harmful fumes (yes, this one was scentless) and they are easy to stick on if you know how to peel a sticker you can use this product. They also peel off easily, it did leave some sticky residue though which I wasn't too thrilled about. They sell for about $6.99-$8.99 depending on the design. I will probably end up using the rest of them as letter sealing stickers because the ones I got were rainbow tie-dye and they are still cute even if I can't wear them.

Monday, April 29, 2013

I'm Back My Beauties

I am back with a new blog plan, dont like it? Stop sippin' that haterade and get with the program or get out of this blog. Yes, this blog will still feature art, DIY, and creative content but it can be so much more than that so it WILL. Welcome to Peanut Beary Crunch! I'm a material girl and this is a material world so you bet your bottom dollar that this blog will be a hotmess of reviews good and bad! Want to talk about life? I do! So there will be more of that as well. Thanks for being awesome. Stay tuned for some upcoming reviews! XX