Thursday, March 18, 2010

How To Be a Bystander

These are all pieces of my How To Be a Bystander series! They're all stickers and theyre gonna go.... EVERYWHERE!!!

and with that. they were made in Illustrator size is 3"by 5" inches. HELVETICA FOREVER!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

some sort of progresss

aight it is 2am in BossTOWN right now and i have this much done

im gonna keep working on it n post b4 i knock out for the night =]

Saturday, March 6, 2010

dew werk make guap.

okay first and foremost my official (totally profesh) portfolio page is up and runnin !

i know i know... add more stuff u jerk. its all rollin in this week due to the fact that it is indeed spring break and i can FINALLY have fun and do projects my way a.k.a. spend time and love on making something worthy. and take pictures and make scans of projects that ive done and like (you will be subject to throw backs)

-Veggie-alphabet book !! (sketches of possible characters are on my previous post .
-im going to be making a street sign and trying to make a bajillion stickers to stick all around boston it will be a series called (How to Be a By-Stander)
-and the whole jungle fantasy scene i must finish in acrylic

Thursday, March 4, 2010

thick skin strong nose like a rhinosaurus!

funky sketches and the previous photo of the lady sketch wasnt too good so i scanned it bcuz i totally care about your viewing pleasure so lookin out for my viewers =]

as i promised here is a current project i am working on

it's a spoof on this masterpiece ! i will find the name and artist for it but i am in class right now so... i dont feel like researching.

gossip girl

I just googled myself and found myself on the Art Institute of Boston's Flickr site check out a few of my sculptures!
click here for sculpture fun !


original horse done in water color
an accidentally dark scan of the horse
a photoshopped blue version of my horse

and as always more to come so stay tuned.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Sketch plan to put this into illustrator over spring break !
illustrator "Diva Hippo"
Photoshop "Umbrella Kid"
Large Take Out Box
self portrait, tempra
charcoal, chalk "Final Still Life"
self portrait done in charcoal
(charcoal, chalk) "random nude model"
I don't only work in digital format, I also do drawings and painting better quality photos can be found on my portfolio site as soon as i am done capturing everything that i want . Stay posted.


This five frame piece was done as one of my assignments for school. I also created this with illustrator and they are available in singles if you want just email me.

they read form left to right, top to bottom
frame 1: Panda is preparing to fire a cannon to call for assistance
frame 2: a hero panda hears this and gets on his bamboo steed to save his panda brothers
frame 3: the hero panda sees the culprit dangling food in front of a rabbit
frame 4: hero panda sees his panda brothers have been slain by this evil ice block
frame 5: hero panda fights the evil ice block with a flame thrower

Im currently working on a painting that will be jungle themed so stay tuned =] ! ill have sketches up sometime this week.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Hey hey first post!

so I have been trying to start this blog for a few weeks now and finally i have time to post up a preview of something you should expect to see on my blog or my portfolio site (which will be up soon so stay tuned !)

^ i did this with illustrator if you were curious =]
you would be surprised to find out that I was inspired to do this piece through a dream i had about escaping terrorists! I dreamt that I had a suitcase full of green apples that i drew smiley faces on and terrorists were after my apples ! any ways i produced this piece 2 weeks after i had that dream because i just couldn't shake that dream from my mind.