Monday, December 13, 2010

I mean well

Sorry i am neglecting you blogger. swear ur in my thoughts ! whats new? HAIR CUTT !! haha heres some pics:

In other news ! I SUCK at uploading my llustration pieces but I PROMISE there will be a ton of work at the end of this semester of all my finished pieces that i want to share with y'all. but for now.... a quick review of Rohto Hydra !!! let's set the scene: it's the end of the semester of my junior year i am staying up late and straining my eyes a lot and i wake u with crazy dry eyes. i remembered that my sister got these eyedrops for free at some event and i gave them a try! the FIRST thing i experienced was a intense unfamiliar tingle on my eyes and i seriously could NOT open my eyes for a minute ! afterwards though, the tingle was really refreshening ! my eyes were less red and they were hydrated and they seriously woke me up for my A.M. class. i love this stuff and i will maybe do a review on the other ones when im done with this bottle. that is all for today =]