Monday, January 26, 2015

Charcoal Nose Pore Strips.

So I really want to share the amazingness that is a black nose pore strip. Not hating on the regular white ones, but there's something about the black ones that have charcoal in them that i am seriously LOVING.

Charcoal is wonderful for removing excess oil and detoxifying your skim. I've also noticed that it does help even out skin tone as well but maybe that's just me.

Here are the ones that I've tried and ranked based on experience with the products:

Softymo Nose Clean Pack
This strip is almost a rectangular shape instead of the curvy nose shape which is kind of cool because you can use it on your chin to get rid of any gunk there. This one I left on for about 20 minutes and when I went to take it off, the results were similar to using the regular Biore white nose pore strips.
I did notice that this one took longest to dry. It was very gentle so it would be best for those with sensitive skin.

You can get it online on Ebay or Amazon.

Biore Charcoal Nose Strip JAPAN (Sorry my photo is backwards)
I got the limited edition packaging so the actual one looks a little different, it's just an illustration of a lady with the pack on her nose. I DIGRESS Y'ALL.

This one was pretty effective but I did notice that it was kind of drying, my nose was a little sensitive after using it but it removed the fattest, juciest, white heats and black heads! It wasn't as effective at removing the smaller gunk pieces though.

Tosowoong Charcoal Nose Strips
 This pore strip does not discriminate! It gets the tiny and huge nose gunkies out of the pores and your nose and is so effective. I tried these back in August and have not been able to find anything else as effective!

I find that the longer I leave this on for, the MORE gross stuff gets pulled out. The longest I've ever left it on for was about 1 hour and a half (I was watching a movie... so yea. didn't feel like taking off my pore strip.)

Everytime I use this, I am thoroughly impressed with the strength. There is currently a 32 pack deal on Ebay and it's only $14!!! WORTH INVESTING IN 32 PACK I SWEAR. It's amazing. I will invest as soon as I start running low on my pore strips.

Hope this was mildly exciting or maybe even helpful for those that are interested in trying charcoal nose pore strips.

MAKE GREAT CHOICES <3 nbsp="" p="">xoxo,

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