Sunday, May 26, 2013

Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturizer Review

I've always been a fan of life hacks and short cuts and until this product came out, I've actually been quite lazy about moisturizing everyday despite my dry skin problems. I don't like waiting for lotion to dry before I can put on clothes and I hate the residue feeling that some lotions leave behind.

The Vaseline Spray and Go lotion is definitely a product that a lazy lotioner like myself can use daily. It comes in three scents currently: Aloe Fresh, Oat, and Cocoa Butter. The cocoa butter is a warm and sugary scent, it kind of smells like Oreos to me; it also claims to use pure cocoa butter. The oat smells very neutral, it has a light herbal scent and claims to be made with pure oat extract. I purchased the aloe fresh scent because it actually smelled a bit sweet but also had a fresh cut grass kind of smell so it definitely is a refreshing scent.

The package design of the product features a 360 degree spray; meaning that if you spray upside down product will spray continuously unlike an ordinary squirt bottle that stops when there is an air bubble or if the product is not in the straw. You do not need to shake the bottle either because it comes with compressed air so you can be lazy about shaking the product before use too!

The lotion its self is the consistency of watered down lotion but don't be fooled! It is actually very moisturizing and not in the way that makes you feel greasy, it actually dries quite fast and leaves me feeling refreshed. The spray ranges in thickness depending on how far away you are spraying the product on your skin. For me, I use it as far away from my body as possibly because spraying it closer made the product condensed and thicker so I could not simply rub a few times for it to soak into my skin. If you don't mind the extra few minutes for the drying go ahead and spray closer, everyone's skin is different and sometimes your skin will need extra love and moisture so a close up spray can actually be more beneficial.

I LOVE how the mist cools down my skin too because it will be perfect for summer time ! If you wake up too hot or just get out of a hot shower and suddenly need to cool down, this product feels amazing. I am giving this a 4.5 out of 5 rating because I love that the product does EXACTLY what it's supposed to but I do not like that the spray can get messy if you are near walls or furniture.

Love on it.

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