Wednesday, January 26, 2011

so much pressure

ugh just when i had a plan for my future. okay not ready for all this work for "business illustration"... so much investment even if i really want to do art therapy/counseling therapy when i try for my masters. i guess it makes sense to invest my time and momey worth to all my classes and what left to get my degree in illustration right?

nothing really new today just a lot of anxiety and a lot of angry feelings. i hate bad weather with a passion.

had some doodle down time in class a.k.a. "i cant pay attention"-time:

these are just a few sketches for my 3-D illustration class, im somewhat excited but i have this 10 page paper to work on so i havent really been able to give my time to this class =[ ! plus the whole 8am-9pm thing i have going on for wednesdays.

on a lighter note i am still feeling the whole backless dress vibe.

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  1. why, hello connie dear.... I gave you a blog award on my page! =]