Sunday, January 30, 2011

random yammer

ok this has nothing to do with art, illustration, or any reviews on products... well maybe a little... BUT ! am i horrible or what i forgot to take my day off for my boyfriends birthday !! okay enough self loathing REVIEW TIME!

as promised or recently mentioned I tried Rohto COOL sensation.
This one did give me the sting that i needed to stay awake and help my eyes feel refreshed but be warned first-timers: it WILL feel like your eyes are burning and melting your lids shut or eternity... but it will only do that for the first 30 seconds and then leave you with refreshed eyes!

a little tip: use redness reducing eye drops to reduce redness on your face by adding a few drops to a q-tip and dabbing some on to the inflamed area! this will last for 2-3 hours (just enough time for a party or to go out and meet up with people)

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