Friday, May 21, 2010


Hey peeps. I am back home now and it's kinda weird because I am not being surrounded by neon lights or hipsters. I am back in the town of Randolph . not for really really but kinda back'n'forth . I passed by my neighbors house today and noticed that their lush forest is back in full bloom. It looks a bit more north-easty now because of the evergreen pine trees getting super tall and such. I shall use it as a study area for summer when I'm back in town. I have a collage to put up here and also my finished hedgehog. I think that's it?

- Produce at least one piece of art a week and get to have fun with it!!
- Work A LOT at HCO. possibly inquire about a transfer to Abercrombie and Fitch.
- Learn to use polymer clay
- Learn to make polymer clay scented
- Create an Etsy so i can sell my fun wearable items and maybe some of my more "illustration" pieces (i really want something to save from summer though)
- learn adobe flash! so i can make some animations =] !
- buy external hard drive!!! UGHHH!!

stay posted. this summer is gonna be crazy.

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