Thursday, April 1, 2010

Experimental illustration and such.

Just a few pieces that Ive been meaning to get on here and on my portfolio site.

<--this piece is actually from a randomly
chosen word and I am having trouble remembering them at the moment but this is a Gossip Girl inspired piece .

I am calling this piece "Fish on the Beach" I was really trying to use smaller pieces of fish to create a large fish and i used real dried anchovies and the eye ball is made from a real fish eye. It was really a project that i wanted to push myself to use something I fear like dead animals. They really fascinate me.
This is just a fun piece and i based it off the song "Like a Boss" by Lonely Island. It was an experimental way of creating a book but with a cup that I sawed in half.

This is from another randomly drawn set of words "Accordian Safari" I automatically thought of animals but thought it was played out, then I thought marine animals! But i wanted some more ZING ! So I got inspired by the microbial plushies and created some real characters in a plastic sealed off home pictured below.

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